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How to Properly Taste & Appreciate Whisky

How to Properly Taste & Appreciate Whisky

We’ve all heard whisky experts talking about the smells, flavours and memories that are evoked through properly tasting whisky but have you ever wondered how they actually do it? Do you only ever smell and taste, well, whisky?

We met up with Greg Dillon of Great Drams to find out the secrets of properly tasting and appreciating whisky. We recorded the audio too so that everyone could listen and learn from Greg.

Download the free audio file now to learn:

  • What type of glass to use
  • How to properly pour whisky
  • How to ‘nose’ a whisky
  • Why different people might smell and taste different things from the same whisky
  • How to best taste the whisky for maximum flavour
  • How to verbalise what you’re experiencing
  • When to add water and how much you should add