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Brand in Focus – House of Cheviot

Brand in Focus – House of Cheviot

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If there’s one thing which sets apart brands who produce goods for the fieldsports industry, it’s their passion for utilising traditional skills with the best available materials.

One such brand is House of Cheviot. Based in the Scottish border town of Hawick they are quite possibly the finest sock purveyor in the UK.

To achieve the best possible finish, they combine the latest in knitting technology with traditional hand knitting skills. Add to this the most carefully selected materials which range from the finest Australian merino wool to the softest Mongolian cashmere and you have nothing short of what is a beautifully made and great looking garment. in our opinion they’re the Bentley of the sock world.


As every shooting man knows, socks are not ‘just socks’. The socks you choose to wear in the field are a statement, a real reflection of your personality.

It’s the one area of your outfit where you can have carte blanche. You can be a bit playful and inject a drop of colour which could be anything from classic mustard to vibrant purple. Be as bold as you like. For bonus points, match the colour of your tie to the colour of your socks but if not, don’t worry, you won’t be ridiculed!

Of course, shooting socks also need to be practical. They need keep your feet warm and dry to ensure maximum comfort in what can be the worst weather conditions of the year.

House of Cheviot were kind enough to send us some of their socks so we were keen to share our views on them.

The first thing you notice when slipping on a pair of socks from House of Cheviot is the fit. They are snug without being too tight which is great for keeping you warm. They’re also very soft so keep you comfortable throughout the day. The Shetland range is that soft, you hardly notice that you’re wearing them.

Because the socks are a snug fit, garter ties aren’t really required but they do add a nice finishing touch.

We love the premium quality of these socks.
We love the premium quality of these socks.

Their range of colours and styles is extensive. From the traditional design and colour options of the Shetland range to the bold and beautiful colours of the Skye range, there’s a sock to suit every taste and every pocket. There really is an option for all.



In the field, the socks performed superbly. When combined with neoprene lined boots, your feet stay toasty warm all day regardless of the conditions. They stayed in place all day and looked great with a pair of tweed breeks.

The Forres (colour: highfell) in action out in the field.

There are other manufacturers of shooting socks out there but there’s something a little elegant and special about wearing something made by a brand who specialise in the one product. It means that 100% of their focus is put into your socks and that really does show both with how they look and how they perform.

If you fancy a bit of luxury when not in the field, House of Cheviot also offer cashmere everyday socks. Other specialist socks include socks for:

  • Golf
  • Kilts
  • Pipe bands
  • Highland dancing

There is also a vast range of ladies socks available (including shooting socks).

In summary, we really like what this brand is all about and the products we tested were great. The next time you are thinking about buying a new pair of shooting socks or even any of the socks mentioned above, we recommend keeping House of Cheviot in mind.

You can find the full range on their website.

If you’re interested in having your brand or business featured on the site, please get in touch via the contact form.