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The Fundamental Building Blocks of Successful Shotgun Shooting

The Fundamental Building Blocks of Successful Shotgun Shooting

Over the past few months, we have been writing about the fundamental building blocks of shotgun shooting to help you shoot more accurately and more consistently. First, we covered eye dominance and then gun mount and most recently, gun fit.

All of the articles have been extremely popular and with each one, there was a free bonus download – an eye dominance self test sheet, a gun mount practise drills sheet and a gun fit cheat sheet which a lot of people downloaded. We’re really pleased to have helped those who consumed the content with their shooting.

For those who may have missed it or haven’t had chance to read all three articles yet, we have put them all together, added a little bit more content and produced a free ebook called ‘The Fundamental Building Blocks of Successful Shotgun Shooting’. The ebook also contains all the links you need to the bonus content so you have access to them in one place. Here are the full contents:

– Introduction

– Eye dominance

– Eye dominance self test sheet

– Gun mount

– Gun mount practise drills sheet

– Gun fit

– Gun fit cheat sheet

– Next steps

The ebook is completely free for readers of The Yorkshire Gent so download it, have a read and start implementing some of the advice to get the most out of your shooting.