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Wild Trout Trust – Trout Habitat, River Ecology, Aquatic Ecosystems, Fish Stocking

Wild Trout Trust – Trout Habitat, River Ecology, Aquatic Ecosystems, Fish Stocking

In this episode of The Country Gent Podcast, we chat with Dr Paul Gaskell of the Wild Trout Trust.

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The WTT are a conservation charity that focuses on practical work to improve habitat for trout across the UK and Ireland.

Paul’s background is in aquatic ecotoxicology and his career choices have always centred around water and rivers. Being an angler for over 30 years, Paul describes how his work with the trust helps his river fly fishing.

In the interview, we discuss the state of UK rivers, how a wild trout habitat improvement project gets off the ground, the challenges involved and getting buy in from different stakeholders, the impact of stocking trout into rivers, how invasive species can harm trout breeding ground and a much much more.

If you’re a river angler or are interested in the health of our rivers, this is a must listen interview.

To learn more about the Wild Trout Trust you can visit their website or their Facebook page.

Each year, the WTT run a fund raising auction which normally contain some fantastic fishing and shooting lots – the 2017 auction raised nearly £95k which will allow them to deliver practical advice and habitat work, inspiring and helping people to protect wild trout.

The 2018 auction will run from the 9th to the 18th March so keep an eye out for it.

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