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Stoneycairn Gundogs – Gundog Training, Field Trialing, Working Dogs

Stoneycairn Gundogs – Gundog Training, Field Trialing, Working Dogs


In this episode of The Country Gent Podcast, we talk to Simon and Kate of Stoneycairn Gundogs.

As full time gundog trainers and pickers up, they give us an insight into what life is like living and breathing all things gundogs.

They were both very generous with their time and knowledge so we managed to cover an awful lot including

  • How to select a gundog puppy and what to look for in the advert
  • When you should start training
  • The pros and cons of the different gundog breeds
  • How the training should be tailored to the dog’s personality
  • How to approach the first shoot day with your dog
  • The difference between training for working and field trials
  • Gundog diet

We also discuss what their schedule looks like during the shooting season and how it’s way of life as opposed to a job.

If you want to learn more about Stoneycairn Gundogs, visit their website or message them on Twitter. They offer gundog training sessions in groups, 1-1 and residential training. They also run a sporting agency so if you’re looking to buy some shooting, get in touch –

The whisky featured in Malt of the Month is the Scallywag Cask Strength No.1. This is marked as discontinued at the usual online retailers although Master of Malt do have the 2nd edition available (it’s released annually). As mentioned in the show though, it looks like Amazon still have a bit of stock of the 1st edition at the time of writing.

The free resource mentioned in the podcast is the audio download of Greg Dillon telling us how to properly taste and appreciate whisky. This is a bonus not to be missed! You can get it here.

In the 8th part of the Monarch of the Month series, our resident historian tells us all about King Henry VII.

Enjoy the show.