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Sarah Read – Gamekeeping, Land Management, Predator Control, Moorland Conservation

Sarah Read – Gamekeeping, Land Management, Predator Control, Moorland Conservation


In this episode of The Country Gent Podcast we interview Sarah Read of the National Gamekeepers Organisation.

We find out about some of the responsibilities of a gamekeeper and what the future holds for the industry. We also discuss:

  • Sarah’s background and how she ended up working with the NGO
  • The background to the organisation, how/when it was formed, what is stands for and how it represents it’s members
  • The differences between lowland and upland keepers
  • The benefits of gamekeeping and game shooting to the rural economy
  • How managing the land for game shooting is having a massively positive impact on (in some cases red listed) ground nesting and wading birds
  • The bad press that gamekeepers can sometimes receive, how fair it is and the NGO’s stance on wildlife crime
  • Gamekeeping apprenticeships and how people can move into gamekeeping as a career
  • Management of the landscape in the UK and the responsibility that comes with it
  • The positives and negatives of social media
  • The future of gamekeeping and why now is the time to celebrate the great work that gamekeepers do

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The whisky featured in Malt of the Month is the Longrow CV which is essentially the peated version of Springbank/Glengyle. The bottle we tasted seems to have become hard to get hold of but Master of Malt have what they simply call ‘Longrow Peated‘ and in the description they say that it’s essentially the Longrow CV. The actual bottle we tasted in this episode can be found here.

The free resource mentioned in the podcast is the audio download of Greg telling us how to properly taste and appreciate whisky. This is a bonus not to be missed! You can get it here.

In part two of the Monarch of the Month series, our resident historian tells us all about what happened following the death of King John in 1216.

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